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New lock installation

New lock installation
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It’s not because your neighbourhood is getting more dangerous now than it was a few years ago, or the fact that you just bought new stuff for your flat. Having additional locks for your door is important because it provides an additional layer of protection and, at the same time, peace of mind every time you leave your door thoroughly secured.

Installing the two most popular types of lock systems in the market

Lock installation in GravesendThe two most popular types of systems that are available in your local hardware stores are the entry lockset and the deadbolt. Generally speaking, an entry set is more complicated to install because you have to take measurements and cut through the door in order to get the perfect fit. Suffice to say, the hassle of installing an entry lockset is offset by the convenience it provides the residents of a certain dwelling since this type of system can be accessed and secured from both sides of the door, depending on the model. This makes these sets perfect for main doors or access ways that usually need securing from the outside when nobody is left inside to do the work.

On the other hand, a deadbolt lock is easier to install but less convenient than the entry set. A dead bolt lock secures a door from both sides but requires a key to do so. Unlike the entry lock set that comes with its own knob, a deadbolt is strictly for purposes of opening and closing a door. This is the reason why most security-conscious homes or establishment owners prefer a type of set combination between and entry and a deadbolt lock. That way there is an added layer of protection if one of the systems falters for whatever reason.  It would also be important to note that deadbolt locks generally do not have the common retractable latch assembly, which makes doors with a deadbolt accessible only by pushing or pulling, unless there was a separate lock system with a door knob that was installed along with it.

Our company, Locksmith Gravesend, believes that the best way to fit lock systems is by following a rigid standard of measurement - taking, placing and re-testing, to ensure a snug fit for your lock system’s tumbler. Precision is the key because measuring it too loose would allow easy manipulation of your set up, while making the fit too tight would require a second take and it wouldn’t be long before you completely but unintentionally deface your door. Get things right the first time, call our friendly customer service representatives for more information about locks, keys and the right lock sets for your home.

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