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How to Troubleshoot Digital Locks

How to Troubleshoot Digital Locks
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Digital locks have their way in making our lives convenient. If you just think of how many problems you're avoiding by not having to deal with keys anymore, you can understand their importance. You don't have to think whether you took them by the kitchen's table or whether they are damaged or stolen. In other words, you simply say goodbye to issues related to lockouts or trouble securing the Yale locks because the key is not inserted properly in the keyhole. In spite of their convenience, digital locking systems do not come free of problems entirely. You might still face some issues. Although it's hard for you to get locked out since most electric locks also work with mechanical keys as well, you still need to be ready to confront problems and know what might be wrong with your locking system. 

Deal with digital lock problems fast 

How to Troubleshoot Digital Locks Problems with keyless entry systems are often related to power, automatic operation or passwords. The team of Locksmith Gravesend is always available to help you out, but it wouldn't hurt if you knew what is wrong with the system. Some problems are hardly hard to fix. If there's no power and the door doesn't open, check the batteries. They might need replacement or they might be placed the wrong way. Electric security locks secure the door automatically. If they fail to do so, check the automatic locking mode. It might not be programmed properly or the system might be improperly installed. There is also a chance that the batteries are discharged and must be replaced. You will need our assistance if you enter your password but the security door doesn't unlock. You can try activating the system by pressing with a pin the hole at the body of the lock.   

If you enter your password in order to enter your home and the door doesn't open, check if the double lock system is on and deactivate it. This is applied for biometric door locks as well. In fact, if you have biometrics and a hard time registering your fingertip, make sure you do it right. You should read the instructions of the manufacturer carefully, but in most cases the fingertip must be registered as long as the light is still on and every other fingertip is registered as well within twenty seconds. The same goes for cards, too. If you want to register multiple cards, you must do it within 20 seconds after having registered the previous card. The same procedure must be followed when you are changing your codes. You should enter the new code while the light is still on and continue changing other passwords within the following twenty seconds. If you still fail to do it right, check the batteries and take a look at the manual. 

If you have biometric high security locks and the door doesn't open when you put your fingertip on the panel, make sure you keep it there for about one second. If the problem is not solved, wash your finger and try again. In a different case, the problem is caused due to incorrect registration of the fingertip. You should always check that the fingertip or password registered has been saved in the system correctly or you will have a hard time getting access to your own property. When you enter the password, the number pad will be lit up and will stay this way for five seconds. So, you will have just five seconds to enter your code. These are small problems, which can be dealt with easily. 

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