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8 Steps for Proper Deadbolt Installation

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Deadbolt installation is essential for your security but the way it is done is also critical. If the lock is not installed properly, it won't provide the necessary security. Don't forget that the bolt of the mechanism must be thrown out and be inserted right into the hole of the strike plate. Consequently, the right measures must be taken before drilling the door so that mistakes can be avoided when you change door locks. The whole secret is to install the mechanism at the exact position and also install the strike plate on the right spot against the doorjamb so that they will be aligned.

The 8 basic steps for the installation of deadbolts

Step 1: Your new deadlocks should include instructions and also a template so that you can make accurate measurements. The basic thing is to measure the thickness of the door and the right distance from the edge to the centre of the door, since the mechanism must be installed at the centre of the doorknob. The template will show you exactly where to drill.8 Steps for Proper Deadbolt Installation

Step 2:It's best to drill the door at both sides for neater results. Use a hole saw to open the hole from both sides of the door and then move to the edge of the door and drill the latch bolt hole. 

Step 3:Use a chisel to fix the mortice on the door's edge, place the latch bolt panel, tighten it with the right mounting screwsand remove wood chips.

Step 4:Now the latch bolt of the new locks can be placed on the panel at the edge of the door. Then, install the cylinder components moving from the external part of the door to the internal.

Step 5: Make sure the lock is aligned so that the screw holes will meet at both sides before tightening the lock.

Step 6: Close the door and see where the latch bolt meets the doorjamb. Use a pencil to mark the points. By using the strike plate as the template, use a chisel to form a mortice for the installation of the strike plate.

Step 7: Make a hole at the centre of the mortice with a spade bit so that there will be enough space for the latch bolt to be inserted. Install the strike plate by using the proper screws.

Step 8:Lock installation is over. You just have to test that the door locks well and possibly you might need to make some adjustments by loosening or tightening the screws.

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